Brooke Townsend recently represented us in the sale of a home located in Cayucos, California. If you are looking for a realtor to represent you in the sale of property, we can without hesitation recommend Brooke. She was thorough, easy to communicate with, informative, and professional with a personal touch. Given that we (the sellers) both live over 200 miles away, we were continually thankful she arranged all that was necessary to maintain and represent our property in the best light. She even provided some staging at no cost to us. When we needed a plumber to perform some work, Brooke contacted a plumber and she stayed on the property while the work was being performed. She also was gracious enough to arrange a landscaper to perform maintenance and upkeep of the front and back yards. It was refreshing and so much less stressful to deal with realtors that we had confidence in and that communicated with us regularly.



Brooke Townsend has represented me in Six real estate transactions on the Central Coast during the last seven years. These included one sale of a tenant occupied property and five purchases. Of the purchases, one was a short sale, one was a bankruptcy sale with court approval, one was an estate sale and two were conventional sales. Brooke was extremely helpful in all the transactions, dealing with tenants, negotiating credits for deferred maintenance in my purchases and finding the right, professionals to provide inspections, bids for repairs, legal and closing services. I strongly recommend Brooke for any type of transaction and would use her again without hesitation.



Brooke was wonderful at keeping us informed on everything. Because of Covid-19, things changed everyday. Brooke was so resilient and professional in keeping us updated on how to proceed with the sale of our home. Her utmost concern was our safety and the safety of the prospective buyers. She was friendly, kind, experienced and had a way of making us feel comfortable through the entire process. We were so grateful she was on our selling team - a truly wonderful lady!



Brooke was professional, knowledgeable and friendly! Buying a home with Brooke’s assistance was so pleasant! Brooke has extensive knowledge of the community. She provided us with help that was friendly, thorough and professional. Brooke was always available to us, our phone calls and text messages were immediately responded too. With her guidance we succeeded in purchasing a great retirement property! We highly recommend Brooke.



Brooke was great and incredibly patient. She hung in with us for almost 9 months to ensure that we understood the market and found the best match. She counseled us through escrow issues and in the process also became a friend. Can’t ask for anything better than that!



Brooke is a great local and knowledgeable realtor. We worked with Brooke to purchase our new home in Los Osos. Being new to the area, it was especially helpful working with someone who could help us learn about the different towns of SLO County and to navigate through the purchase process and even with problems after we moved in. I couldn't recommend Brooke more.



I worked Brooke Townsend and her team starting approximately one year ago when I was in the market for a home in Morro Bay. My daughter-in-law, who is a real estate agent in Northern California, took the time to interview numerous agents here in Morro Bay to find someone that she felt would be both a good fit for me in my home search and whom she felt would be honest and responsive to me especially since I was still living in Northern California during my search. Brooke turned out to be a pleasure to work with! I recently retired out of the corporate world and have high expectations for communication skills, responsiveness, industry and local knowledge and integrity. Brooke far exceeded my expectations. She is highly familiar with the SLO county real estate market due to her extensive experience here  She not only knows the market here, she also has great contacts with local craftsmen and other workers whom I have successfully employed over the past year as I have had various work done to upgrade my home. Brooke stayed with me every step of the way, explaining in lay terms the ins and outs of purchasing a home, working with mortgage brokers, title companies, etc. She never hesitated to take the initiative to follow up with folks to get a status on progress and communicate that to me in terms that I could understand. She was never more than a phone call, email or text message away. I could count on her to get back to me very quickly whenever I had questions. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who is in need of an excellent real estate agent.



What you do is truly quite amazing. To be a part of this major process with folks you just met to folks that may have been customers or friends of yours for some time. You help people find their "spot." That takes a lot of flexibility, patience, and kindness. Can't thank you enough, Brooke. You are so good at what you do. Keep your pace. Thank you so much for being you!



Brooke was just the right person to have by my side through the roller coaster ride of my first time home purchase. She made sure I had all the right inspections in place and that I had all the best vendors giving me bids on needed repairs. Brooke was a beacon of optimism in what was at
times a very bleak search. The first time we toured houses was right after I'd learned I might not qualify for a loan at all. This didn't bother Brooke. She still took the time to show me places and to learn what I was looking for. I was returning to the area from hours north, so when I finally found my dream home, I was willing to buy it sight unseen. Brooke toured it for me and even checked out a runner up on my list -- all on her own accord. When it came time to negotiate the price and repairs, Brooke was shrewd and assertive. She literally had to beg me to let her do her job, as I was so anxious to give up my negotiating power to ensure I got the place. She ended up saving me more than $10,000! Brooke is not just great at her job, she's a fun person. I wish I had the resources to buy more houses, just so we could hang out some more! I really lucked out when I got Brooke as my agent.



Recently (June 2019) my wife and I sold our mobile home in Sea Oaks Mobile Home Park, Los Osos CA. Brooke Townsend made the entire experience of selling our house an efficient and comfortable (as could be) process. As sellers, we needed guidance as to what to do to prepare our house for sale including what were reasonable timelines (target dates) to get things done. Also, Brooke did due diligence and very fine work in respect to pricing our mobile home. It was easy to communicate with Brooke by telephone, text or e-mail. The buyer had some “glitches” and “ups and downs” that Brooke helped to resolve and still protected our interests. We too had some “moving –out problems that Brooke Townsend solved for us. My wife had met Brooke in our park about 10-months earlier than our sale date and I had met her about two-years earlier in a social setting. We were both (independently) impressed with her warm personality, friendliness, and interest in selling homes for her clients. We picked Brooke because of her knowledge of the real estate market in our area and specifically for her knowledge of the local mobile home market. So to speak, in regards to our business with her, we were and are “happy campers”. We highly recommend Brooke Townsend as a Real Estate agent and more!